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March 13, 2012

Pink no more

No, this is not a commentary on McDonald's meat simulant. It means I have covered the last pink section of terrain in the main layout room. I still have a bit of pink left at Aquia Landing, but it is all gone in the main room. 

I painted the section behind Potomac Creek siding and added the base coat of scenery.

While the scenery base layer dried, I took a set of cannon wheels and made ruts in the road as it approached the siding. They look good while they are wet. We'll see how they look when they are dry. 

While the scenery was drying, I put some of the scenery items temporarily in place to see how it will look.  So far so good. It will be a lot of fun to detail this scene.

Making ruts with cannon wheels

Some scenic elements in place - looks good. More trees coming.

It is almost time to install the marching regiment. The figures will come off their bases and be glued in place four abreast.

These are 28mm scale wagons. The left is by Old Glory, while the right one is by Perry.

There will be an encampment behind the station with as many winter cabins as I can fit.


  1. It must be lovely to see it all coming together?

    Question - Are you kind of railroader who will run it for a couple of months - once it's finished - and then rip it all up and start agian on something else? I once knew a bunch of guys in a model railway club here in the UK, and every few years they would rip-up the whole of their club-house display, recycle what they could...and start again!

  2. I have been known to get bored with a layout, then rip it out and start over. But this one has lasted the longest so far. I still am really enjoying it. So hopefully I will finish it.

  3. Thanks Bernie, I hope you finish it too, it's been fascinating watching it grow, and the way you've immersed yourself in the research, it's too easy to throw a few pre-coloured buildings up by a cross-roads and call it whatever, yours is really going to be a bit of USMRR!