March 26, 2012

Of Sheds and Men

This small shed was based on the prototype photo.
Work continues on detailing Potomac Creek.
I added two more sheds - one on a new platform, extended the track side platform, added a fence along the ridge crest, made three trees, and started installing the marching column of two-year men.
A fairly productive weekend. I am thinking about adding a third shed to the scene since the prototype photo shows a cluster of at least 4 sheds and houses at the north end of the bridge.
I used my laser to scribe board and batten siding with uneven spacing and irregular battens..

The structures sit on post an beam foundations. Here I use my try square to lay out the posts.

The shed sitting on its platform. The line of boxes in the back and front inside the building create a snug fitting frame to hold the structure.
The simple post fence was based on a photo. The tree in the back is sagebrush with Supertree sprigs added using hot glue.

The two new trees are sagebrush tops attached to carved balsa trunks.

I reworked the loading platform based on John Drye's suggestion. It is much more believable now. The wagon ruts leading to it work to unify the various scenic elements.

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