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March 22, 2012

Potomac Creek Station Platform and Crossing

An overview of the Potomac Creek Station scene
I added a loading platform and a road crossing to the Potomac Creek Station scene. The road crossing consists of individual planks at a slight angle to the tracks. I filled in the approaches with dirt. Once the scenic material was wetted and glued, I added wagon wheel ruts.

I like how the wood crossing helps tie the scene together by extending the road across the tracks and through the scene.

After looking at it for a while I decided that having the stockade walls  extend straight off the fascia looked odd. So I modified the ends of the stockade walls so that they now make right angles before they end at the fascia.

The small hut between the tracks is a stand-in. I need to build a different, slightly bigger structure for that location.

Switching action at Potomac Creek. It's tough to switch this location with a southbound train.

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  1. I find it interesting that my Great-great grand uncle Pvt William Sample Cooper of the 5th U.S. Cavalry died 11 jan. 1863 in that Potomac Creek Station Camp after the Battle of Fredericksburg. Thanks for the excellent photos of your layout!