March 22, 2012

Potomac Creek Station Platform and Crossing

An overview of the Potomac Creek Station scene
I added a loading platform and a road crossing to the Potomac Creek Station scene. The road crossing consists of individual planks at a slight angle to the tracks. I filled in the approaches with dirt. Once the scenic material was wetted and glued, I added wagon wheel ruts.

I like how the wood crossing helps tie the scene together by extending the road across the tracks and through the scene.

After looking at it for a while I decided that having the stockade walls  extend straight off the fascia looked odd. So I modified the ends of the stockade walls so that they now make right angles before they end at the fascia.

The small hut between the tracks is a stand-in. I need to build a different, slightly bigger structure for that location.

Switching action at Potomac Creek. It's tough to switch this location with a southbound train.

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