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March 14, 2012

Lincoln Logs in O Scale

Using photos of the hooches from the White Oak Civil War Museum, I built some winter quarters. I used straight sections of twigs I collected in a field near my house for simulate the logs. I found it easier to cut a sub-structure out of cardboard to use in building up the log sides. I used CAA to secure the logs. For the mud chinking between the logs I used Elmers wood putty tinted with Spice Brown acrylic paint. Though I pre-painted the logs, I found I had to repaint everything once the chinking dried.

I tried bond paper, tissue and cooking parchment for the tent fabric. I think the cooking parchment worked the best.

For those that don't know,  "hooch" is the Vietnam era slang for a field expedient shelter built by U.S. Army soldiers.

Ipad showing prototype photo for reference. The twigs are prepared for construction.
Lincoln Logs were some of my favorite toys as a child. Building these hooches reminded of them. 

How the scene is shaping up. I can't decide how to treat the spot where the wagon
would cross the tracks. I'll probably make some kind of corduroy road or planks.

Even with wet ballast, it is starting to look good.  Next up is to paint the backdrop in this area.

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