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June 18, 2013

The yokes on who?

A nicely dressed teamster started as a Knuckleduster gunfighter. The yoke is custom made to fit the two oxen.

Some new details added to the layout including the capstan, wagon, and teamster. The sawmill structure is taking shape in the background. The capstan, block and tackle were scratchbuilt.

The first female figure on the layout.  AW decided  to place
them in this pose. Looks  familiar, doesn't it? The female figure is nicely sculpted from Knuckleduster Figures.
More details surround the boat including saw horses, tool boxes, and  tools. The shed behind the stern of the boat has a detailed interior, although it is almost impossible to see. All these came from the  Alkem Scale Models O scale tool set.

The wagon is a kit bash from the 20 Mule Team Borax Wagon Train kit. I bought three of them on ebay for the mules. The borax wagons are too heavy duty for normal use, but the final water wagon in the mule train set is useful in other spots. Here it is used to haul a boiler for the steam boat. The boiler tube is scratch built from brass tube and laser engraved paper.

The worker is selecting a tool from his tool box. Note the block on the ground. These were scratchbuilt. A second boiler
tube lies on the ground in the distance awaiting installation on the boat. In  most river boats the boilers are not visible as they are covered in sheathing, but period photos show boilers on the ground at the Chattanooga Shipyard, presumably awaiting installation.

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  1. Bernie,

    This looks fantastic as always although you need to show a better shot of the capstan to show people what it looks like and also explain what it does. The boiler looks very nice. Also, congratulations on breaking through on the gender divide!!


    Gerard Fitzgerald
    Charlottesville Virginia