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June 10, 2013

New Civil War Railroad Game in the works

Dana Lombardy, an old friend from my wargaming hobby,  wrote to me this weekend with some interesting news. He has started a new game and book publishing business called 1A Games. Their first products are a popular WWII series game called Tide or Iron. But, more toward the subject matter of this blog, they have a new book coming out called "Grant Rising."  You can learn more about the book at their website. They are looking for kickstart support to get it going. The kickstart page has much more detail on the book. It combines beautiful full color graphics, maps and artwork by Keith Rocco.  I have some of Dana's earlier books and they are outstanding.

Dana also mentioned that they have a civil war railroad game in the works. It will be a board game designed by Richard Berg, a well known war game designer. The website for it is not yet ready. I'l keep you posted as it develops.

I also received a note from John Sloan alerting me to some information on David L. Bright's website devoted to Confederate Railroads. David has been scouring the OR's and other documents for railroad related items. Most of the information he has posted is transcribed from these documents. This must have been a vast amount of work and has the benefit of making the information searchable. If you are looking for information on confederate railroads, this is a good website to check out.  For example, check out this link on the Nashville and Decatur RR, the railroad that we model on the portable layout.


  1. Are you modeling the Nashville & Decatur or the Nashville & Chattanooga? I live near both and thought your model was of the N&C line to Bridgeport...

    1. It is a fictional branch off the Nashville & Decatur from Athens, Al to a point on the river. We have the back story developed but haven't posted it yet.