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October 8, 2017

Finished Conductor's Car

"Sherman, Haupt tells me this is our secret weapon."
"Doesn't look so secret to me."

This is before I evened out the weathering.
I finished the conductor car. Making the roof removable to allow people to see the interior made the task considerably tougher. The next two conductor cars will not have full interiors.

The doors slide and the hand brakes work.

All in all a fun car. Being a "non-revenue" car , it will help complicate the conductor's operations. At least he has a nice desk and chair to sit on inside the car.

Here is a short video showing a test run of the new car.


  1. What are those boxes with the holes for on each end of the car on the roof?

    1. They house marker lanterns for night ops.

    2. If I am seeing things correctly, three sides of the lantern box do not actually contact the car roof?

  2. Thanks Bernie. I have never seen anything like that before.