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April 15, 2020

Another 10,000 spikes!

I started installing the road bed, ties and rail in the past two days. I used a layer of 1/8th inch basswood for the road bed. To that I glued the ties. That makes about ¼ thick layer of basswood that easily accepts the spikes.

It turns out my supply of code 100 rail and spikes was very low. Luckily Mainline Hobbies had some to ship to me today.  I frequently get stuff I ordered from them the next day. Can't beat that with a stick. 

I glued a layer of basswood to the road bed. The basswood
accepts spikes easily. I had to staple the basswood along the edges
to prevent warping as the glued dried. 

Painting the basswood roadbed before adding the ties.

I pre-stained the ties, but once the glue dried,  I sanded them too level their tops,
so I will have to re-stain them.  I used a turnout  template to space the ties
Ties are installed and waiting for rail.

First section of code 100 rail installed and being tested.

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  1. I remember the first 10,000 spikes! Everything looks great and I look forward to watching from afar with everyone else to see what the final section of the railroad will look like.