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April 22, 2020

Two steps forward, one step back

I built the two tunnel portals using the stone design. These portals have the elliptical adits, which really convey the early rail theme.
South portal on straight track. 
The north portal is on a curve so I made the brick liner only 6 inches. The south portal is on a straight track, so the liner is 13 inches. The key is to make sure the closet is dark so the interior of the tunnel is also dark.

I tried installing the first section of fascia using the bendy plywood.  It does bend easily, but I didn't like how flimsy it is. I ordered some hardboard from Home Depot to use instead of the bendy plywood. I will use the bendy plywood for other uses such as roadbed and laser cutting stock. It cuts nicely on the laser.

Short video showing a train popping out of the tunnel.

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  1. Comming out nicely! Did you used the 3/8" bendy plywood? This is what we have here i Canada.