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April 18, 2020

The Gandy Dancers Have Been Busy

The rail and track arrived today, a few days later than normal. I think the USPS is getting slammed these days, so that might account for the delay. At least it made it through.

So after we had a on-line yoga lesson this morning that my daughter taught from her home in Alabama, I got to work on the track. I paid particular attention to the easements for the straight track that connects the two big curves. They came out nice and the trains roll smoothly thorough those curves.  Here is a short clip showing a train heading into the tunnel.

I think the rebuild is going to prove  worthwhile. The smoother operation,  longer run with longer trains is going to improve the operations experience on the layout.

I've been thinking about the plan for the next room. I like the idea of a trestle, but I don't want the benchwork to be too deep. So, I think a possible solution is a low trestle across a swampy area. The trestle I am thinking about would be something like this one on the City Point Line. We know there was a long, low trestle at Accokeek Creek, so this is not too far from the realm of possibility.

I had some folks ask about the access in the closet. As these photos show, the access is not bad. I can get past the wide point of the curve easily. The hardboard channels also  provide a nice smooth, protective surface if I rub it as I walk in and out.

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