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April 23, 2020

Fascia Install Complete

I didn't  get too much done the past two days as I had to do taxes and order some hardboard from Home Depot.  The taxes are done but the on-line order with Home Depot didn't work.  So I went there with my face mask, track saw, and cutting section of foam. I bought two  4 by 8  sheets of 3/16th inch tempered hardboard. I used my track saw to  cut the sheets in the parking lot so they would fit in my car. Home Depot was much busier than I expected and they are operating with reduced staff.

I took down the bendy plywood fascia panel and replaced it with the tempered hardboard. I was not happy with the flimsiness of the bendy plywood, especially in the narrow aisle by the curve where people will be rubbing against the fascia as they walk by.

The hardboard works well. The tricky part is installing it when the piece is so wide. A second set of hands helps, but I was able to do it by clamping and holding it myself. I installed it and I am satisfied with how sturdy it is.

A nice fascia and a backdrop go a long way to making a layout look decent.

On to basic scenery tomorrow.

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