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September 5, 2022

Snow in September?


I spent the past two days working on the terrain of the ridge between Falmouth and Stares Tunnel. I decided I needed to get this messy work done before installing the bridge and laying the track. 

I used the cardboard web to build up the overall shape. Then I applied a layer of thick paper, sometimes called rosin paper,  used to protect floors. The first layer of rosin paper was dry as I used hot glue to stick it to the cardboard ribs. Then I applied another layer of rosin paper that I cut into smaller sections, soaked in water and secured with white glue.   Once that dried, the terrain structure was reasonably solid.

Next I covered the whole surface with a two layers of plaster impregnated gauze.  Now I need to let this cure before I can paint it with the base scenery color.

The bridge is a sturdy enough that I can insert it to test fit and then remove for scenery work.


  1. Maybe you could also build a diorama of Valley Forge? The new scene is staring to take shape and looks good. Many of us in the peanut gallery are impressed by how speedy your progress has been of late. Have a Happy Labor Day!!!

    1. I have a long do-list of projects to tackle in addition to the Aquia Line. One of the next big projects is a diorama set in Italy in WW2 for the IPMS meet next summer. Also have a big game project I am working one. No shortage of stuff to do.