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October 31, 2022

A Forest of Masts and Stacks


Brion Boyles delivered the completed model of the schooner today. This model started out as the Smuggler Kit by Bluejacket Ship Crafters in Maine. The kit comes with a carved solid hull. My brother Rob cut it on his bandsaw to convert it to a waterline model.

It sat for several years as I worked on other parts of the layout. About 18 months ago, I asked Brion Boyles if he was interested in building the kit as a commission. He said yes. He worked on the kit on and off for the next 18 months. He made some modifications to make it into a cargo vice fishing schooner. I really liked how he did the sails. They are much more accurate than the other schooner model I have.  He rigged one of the booms so that it can be used to unload cargo. I need to add that cargo detail. I also need to make a name plate. I plan to name it after my granddaughter, so it will be Miss Merritt or Lady Merritt.

I would like to populate the harbor with several ships to create the forest of masts and smoke stacks you see in the prototype photos. This will include more ship models and others painted on the backdrop.


  1. Wow! Looks incredible!

  2. Came out really fie and the photo of it looks realistic.

  3. It looks so real. Especially the reflection on the water

  4. That looks great.....and I've seen a few 1/48 model ships!

  5. Great model! Brian did a fantastic job!