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October 3, 2022

New Soldiers at Brooke

A new photo angle of Brooke

Jack Thompson painted some soldiers for me a few weeks ago. I installed them on the layout and took some pictures tonight. The left file of soldiers and the officer with the sword are the figures  that Jack painted.

I used my new camera to try some new photo angles at Brooke. I like how the lead photo came out. The water mill at Accokeek Creek is visible in the far right distance. It's about 15 feet away from the camera. I used focus stacking and sky replacement to get the shot.

Meanwhile, I am making trees for the layout. They are quite time consuming to make.



  1. As usual Bernie, great photos. Are the figures or buildings at the top of the hill less than 1/48 scale? Or maybe the scene is really deep. Anyway, the depth of this scene is impressive.

  2. The soldiers in the distance are 1/56th scale. The scene extends from the camera to 15 feet in the distance. The flag on the hill is about 6 feet from the camera.

    1. Very clever, but certainly an old technique that works well. I guess whatever it takes to expand 1/48 scale reality. An excellent layout all the way around. Jeff Mrock

    2. I also used a few other tricks to force the perspective. The road narrows as it recedes, the fences get smaller, and the stone house is 1/64th scale.

    3. There must be a certain satisfaction that comes with these sleight of hand methods that the average viewer doesn't notice. Cool stuff. I am reading about the matte painting techniques used in (old) Hollywood to create a lot of the sets shown in film. Jeff

  3. Yes, focus stacking and sky replacement. 14 separate images. No focus breathing.