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October 26, 2022

Road Trip to Kentucky


I recently returned from a road trip to Kentucky to help my son and daughter-in-law get their house ready for the arrival of their baby next month. We worked on kitchen remodeling projects.

On my way out there I stopped at Marty McGuirk's house to take a look at his proposed HO scale paper mill. I will be helping him build the structures for that.

Next, I stopped at Bon Weinheimer's layout near Charleston, WV. He was hosting an op-to-you-drop session for a group from Kentucky. The group included Fred Soward, who is the president of the Louisville NMRA division and is married to Barbara, my wife's second cousin. 

I had a chance to do a little rail fanning and landscape photo safari while in Lexington, KY. I stopped by RJ Corman's HQ and got some photos and video of their operation.  

I also headed west to the Kentucky River area to try to get some photos of autumn color in the Kentucky horse country.  That area is among the prettiest in the USA.  The white fences are disappearing as the horse farms are transitioning to black fences for reduced maintenance costs. 

I also got some nice bird shots in Chase and Mizuki's backyard. 


  1. That first picture is a stunner!

  2. Is that second photo of the RJ Corman stuff from around Lexington?

    1. Yes, they have a yard for their central Kentucky lines there.

    2. Cool! I was there once while going to visit UK and found the display locomotives and engines very intriguing. As your photo shows it would make a very useful model railroad scene. Great bird photos too.

  3. Next time you're in Lexington you should take the short drive to see a NS train cross High Bridge. It's an amazing site in a beautiful setting. Another short trip is Young's High Bridge at Tyrone, right next to the Wild Turkey distillery. That bridge is out of service, but there aren't that many bridges standing in their original 1880s configuration!
    Eric Zabilka, Lexington KY