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October 7, 2022

Scenery Continues - Marcescent Oak

 I continued with scenery work today.

Marcescent pin ok

I used one of the dead bonsai trees that Samir gave me to create a marcescent oak, in this case a pin oak.  My brother suggested trimming the branches to give it to have a rounder crown. That worked.  I used a combination of Silfor Plane Tree foliage autumn, 933-24, and furnace filter sprinkled with Hudson and Allen forest litter to make the oak leaves on the tree. This tree is broad, so it was tricky finding a spot that worked. The hillside by the balloon camp worked the best.

Then I made a set of background trees from Scenic Express Supertrees and pieces of a witch's broom. The witch's brooms are available for sale this time of year due to Halloween. This year the broom I purchased has a pumpkin spice scent. I hope that wears off as it is a bit much.

Finally I added a split rail fence and some goldenrod weeds from Sifor to embellish the scene.

I am experimenting with trees or bushes in the foreground by the trestle. I added a few pup tents  and a guard too. I don't want the trees to be too big as I don't want to interfere with long photos of trains on the trestle.


  1. Just stunning, sir!!! Extremely believable!

  2. Very nice!! Looking forward to seeing in person.

  3. Wouldn't sparks from the train set the nearby cloth tents on fire?

    1. Bernard C KempinskiOctober 07, 2022

      That would be very unlikely. There are dozens of civil war era photos showing tents set up adjacent to the tracks. So it must not have been an issue.