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October 6, 2022

Water + Dirt = Mud, Mud + Dirt = Mud

Those are probably the two most important equations I learned at US Army Engineer Officer Basic Course.  The instructor told us to remember them when the Colonel wants to fix the mud in front of his tent.  Don't add dirt, fix the drainage. 

Tonight I put the first formula to good use as I finished ballasting and applying a base coat of scenery on the new Falmouth.  I wanted to make it look like mud.

I made a secret concoction of 1/3 Amby's clay, 1/3 tile grout, and 1/3 Old Dirt from Scenic Express.  I processed Amby's clay in my blender to get as rid of as many clumps as possible. The Old Dirt from Scenic Express is great as it doesn't have sparkly mica in it. Unfortunately, the new bottles of dirt I purchased from them do have mica. 

I applied the secret formula to the layout. Then I hit it with wet water and then dilute glue. I used rubbing alcohol as a wetting agent. It has the benefit of drying faster too. The tile grout helps lock all the dirt and clay into a solid layer.

It's nice to be finished. Tomorrow I will be cleaning track and testing everything for post ballasting  problems.

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